Ann Arbor City Council Votes YES on Climate Action!

On May 20th, the Ann Arbor City Council voted to approve the City’s 2020-21 budget with the fully proposed $880,000 in new funding for climate action.

Your phone calls and emails really made a difference!  Thanks for all that you did.

The late night vote was the culmination of twelve months of hard work by climate supporters.  It wasn’t finally resolved until after 1:00 in the morning, but in the end the City Council ruled in favor of people and the planet.

Just to remind you what this was all about, in December 2012, the City of Ann Arbor adopted an ambitious climate plan, with aggressive goals and a long list of important implementation steps.  At the time, it was one of the first municipal-level climate action plans in the country.  Today, it’s still one of the most ambitious plans in a community with an investor-owned utility.  But ever since, the City had sputtered to make good on its talk, because it hadn't put real resources into the climate plan.  Two years ago, City Council decided that the county public safety rebate would be a funding mechanism for climate action, as well as for affordable housing and pedestrian safety, but that strategy got called into question when a new majority took control of City Council last year.  For the last nine months, we’ve been making our case to City Council that climate action (and housing, and pedestrian safety) should be City priorities and Ann Arbor City Council decided to make good on their promises.

Thanks again for all of your work on this issue!


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