Trump's nomination of Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator, Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy, Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, Sonny Perdue as Secretary of Agriculture among others is a clear indicator that his administration attempt to walk backward or at the very least obstruct progress toward lessening our impact on our environment and our progress curbing climate change. Trump has publicly stated his intent to withdraw the U.S. from the historic Paris Agreement and end funding sent to United Nations Green Climate Fund.  

With the federal government so stacked against progress, local governments and the communities that they serve will need to push ahead on climate change action. There is much to gain at the local and state level. provides a hopeful perspective of progress despite impending federal obstruction. In the Trump era, all climate progress will be local

When the federal government is run by climate science deniers, it's up to cities and states to lead. Read the full article here.