Act Now to Fight Climate Change Tell Ann Arbor City Council - No Backsliding on Climate Action

Eighteen months ago, the City of Ann Arbor created its first significant source of funding for climate action – to finally make good on the City’s visionary 2012 climate action plan, and on its 2017 declaration that Ann Arbor was “still in” on the goals of the Paris climate treaty.

Unfortunately, the City Council is now re-considering.  Some community activists have lobbied the new Council majority to re-purpose the climate funds for other projects, and one Councilperson has proposed a measure to unwind the City’s climate funding commitment.  It is currently unclear where a majority of the Ann Arbor City Council stands on the issue. You will make a huge difference by contacting City Council right now to keep the City’s commitment to bold climate action. We’ve prepared this activist toolkit to give you more information about the situation, and about how to effectively get involved. Check it out now!

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When the federal government is run by climate science deniers, it's up to the cities and states to lead.